We are now hiring for part-time and full-time positions at Harvest Restaurant and Bar.  Please review the available jobs below.  You may submit your information online at the bottom of the page or by sending your resume to James.LewisIII@Hilton.com.

Harvest Restaurant Servers

We are currently looking for part-time and full-time restaurant servers.  Both AM & PM shifts are available.  Prior family or fine-dining restaurant experience is preferred.

Server Job Responsibilities:

Serves patrons by providing information to help food and beverage selections; presenting ordered choices; maintaining dining ambiance.

Server Job Duties:

  • Prepares room for dining by clothing tables and setting decorations, condiments, candles, napkins, service plates, and utensils.

  • Protects establishment and patrons by adhering to sanitation, safety, and alcohol beverage control policies.

  • Helps patrons select food and beverages by presenting menu; offering cocktails and aperitifs; suggesting courses; explaining the chef's specialties; identifying appropriate wines; answering food preparation questions.

  • Transmits orders to bar and kitchen by recording patrons' choices; identifying patrons' special dietary needs and special requests.

  • Keeps kitchen staff informed by noting timing of meal progression.

  • Complete any tasks & side duties assigned by the manager.


We are currently looking for part-time and full-time restaurant host(s).  Both AM & PM shifts are available.  Customer Service experience is preferred.

Host(ess) Job Responsibilities:

Ensures that guests will begin their restaurant with a pleasant experience including correct waiting times, clean/prepared table at sit-down, and proper servers are notified to begin timely service; the host(ess) is the first and last person the guest sees during their dining experience at Harvest.

Host(ess) Job Duties:

  • Use Open Table to estimate guest times, ensure tables or servers have a good seating flow.

  • Provide clean menus for the guests and explain the daily specials.

  • Customer Service: Answer customer's questions accurately; make eye contact with the guests as they enter and leave; ensure guest tickets are validated before they leave.

  • Ensure all guest requirements are met in a timely manner

  • Introduce the guests to their server

  • Complete any tasks & side duties assigned by the manager.

Redmont In-room dining server

We are currently looking for full-time in-room dining servers.  Both AM & PM shifts are available.  Prior experience is preferred.

In-Room Dining Server Job Responsibilities:

Works with Front Desk team to ensure proper communication of food and beverage selections; presents orders choices to the guest in their hotel room; maintaining dining ambiance in the guest room in one trip.

In-Room Dining Server Job Duties:

  • Complete knowledge of service time, menus, and specials (soup of the day, etc.)

  • Prepare, deliver, and serve orders to the guest room. This includes proper entrance into the guest room; inquiring if additional service is needed, presenting the check, and reminding the guest to call when they are completed with their tray.

  • Pick up trays and walk the halls looking for glasses, plates, etc. to clean up.

  • Responsible for set-up, delivery, and presentation of amenities.

  • Complete any tasks & side duties assigned by the manager.

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